The Balearic Island of Menorca’s got a reputation for being very windy. This is true, but only up to a certain point…  The famous ´Tramuntana` is a northerly wind, blowing strong from the Rhone Valley straight to Menorca’s north shore between force 5 and 8 Bft. Then, sometimes...

The best times for wind and waves are autumn, winter and spring. Realisticly, we only get 3-6 days of ´Tramuntana` per month. Sometimes in winter, it can blow 2 weeks non-stop, then it gets quite chilly. But we have got some more enjoyable winds over here, like the ´Gregal` (northeast) and the ´Poniente`(west). It all depends on the general weather pattern, like everywhere else in the world...

H2O Spotguide Menorca, engl. 2015 H2O_spotguide_engl._edition_2015.pdf

watersport spot guide Menorca / engl.edition 2015

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H2O Spotguide Menorca, engl. 2015 H2O_spotguide_engl._edition_2015.pdf

free pdf download / watersport spotguide Menorca