Maintenance and Administration

Rockmare - behind the name you find one person, offering a large range of activities and services.

Martin Rockmann, born in 1970, originally trained as a professional blacksmith and has spent most of his time in Menorca since 1991. The chance to live and work close to water sports and nature made the island such an attractive place to live for him.

In addition to his craft, he has experience in many different kinds of work, like being a senior instructor for a water sports school. For more than 10 years he has managed staff and overseen the daily work of a local water sports centre in Menorca. As a certified instructor he taught windsurfing, catamaran sailing and water skiing. During this time, he was also in charge of the maintenance and repair work on all of the school´s sailing and motor crafts.

Maintenace and repair work

  • Sorting out problems on new or old buildings, like dampness, mould, improving heating and ventilation or security on doors and windows
  • Non structural changes on buildings, like installing new doors or windows and renovation of kitchens, bathrooms etc.
  • Multi skilled in carpentry, metalwork, plumbing and decoration
  • Caretaker services for villa, garden and pool

Administration and paper work

  • Change papers and names (electric, water supply, vehicles)
  • Analysing problems with new or old buildings
  • Apply for building permits and estimates
  • Co-ordination between companies on joint projects
  • Quality control, check up or demand warranty repair
  • Community administration and control


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mobile phone (sms): 0034 630 010164